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Questions I Get
Asked A Lot

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for sending me emails and asking me questions. Without your emails, I never would have thought to create this page.

I will continue to update this page constantly with new questions and new information, so please check back often. And of course, feel free to send me an email if you have a question that is not answered for you here. Thanks and enjoy!

Do you recommend using any herbal penis enlargement supplements (penis pills)?

I get asked this question so often that I have created a special page which discusses penis enlargement pills in great length.

This page includes very important information that everyone should read before purchasing any kind of herbal supplement.

Click here to read my page about penis enlargement pills.

How do these exercise programs work? Do they really enlarge the penis, or do they just stretch it out?

All of these programs work under the same basic principles. The exercises in each program target the only part of the penis that can truly increase in size, which is the erectile tissue. Contrary to popular belief, the penis is NOT a muscle and does not contain muscle tissue. The penis is primarily made up of a sponge-like tissue (corpus cavernosa) which fills with blood when you become aroused. The exercises in these programs expand the capacity of that tissue, allowing the penis to become both longer and thicker each time an erection occurs.

Please note that the skin around the penis is very elastic and has the ability to stretch much farther than you would expect. The skin will easily stretch to accomodate the increased size of your penis, even if you are circumsised. Human skin is very elastic. Just think about how our skin has the amazing ability to accomodate the larger muscles of a body builder or the large stature of someone who is overweight.

How long will my penis get from using an exercise program?

These programs will allow you to increase the length of your penis by 1 - 4 inches. From my experience, it appears that results can vary from person to person for several reasons, such as: which program you use, your level of commitment to following the program, your health, whether or not you smoke, and genetic traits. All of these elements can factor into it.

Plus, you should also realize that you won't make gains forever. As you continue with a particular program, you will eventually reach a state where the cells Åwill not expand any further. I refer to this as a plateau. You will know that you have reached your plateau once you stop making any noticeable gains with your program for a significant period of time (roughly 4 - 6 weeks). But the good news is that some plateaus are temporary and can be overcome. A good pill will help you overcome any plateaus quickly. Other plateaus may occur only after you've achieved as much as 4 inches in growth through the full use of a program.

Are the changes permanent? Or do the increases go away after I stop doing the exercises?

The exercises in each program should be done on a daily basis for the first few months until you've reached your plateau. Once you stop seeing sizeable gains (or once you're big enough and decide to stop) you should continue the exercises for approximately 30 more days before quitting. This will ensure that your penis will keep it's size for a very long time. Some programs I've found also recommend that after you've done this, you continue to perform the exercises once every few weeks or so in order to help maintain your size.

You should be aware that as you grow older, it is likely that you will notice some shrinkage. This is a natural part of life. But you can overcome this problem easily by continuing with the program on a more regular basis. Not only will this help you to keep your gains, but it will give you a healthier penis as well.

Are these exercise programs safe?

Yes, the programs I recommend are completely safe and use 100% natural techniques. These programs have been medically tested and proven to be very safe. And from my personal experiences, I can tell you that I have not had any adverse effects as a result of performing any of these exercises - and I've been doing these programs for over a year straight now. In fact, these programs have improved the health of my penis in many ways...

These exercises promote increased blood flow which greatly reduces my chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). In addition, the improved blood flow allows me to have harder erections which last for a much greater period of time. The programs I use also include exercises for strengthening my p.c. muscles, which are the muscles that control ejaculatory and urinary functions. As a result, I have developed a lot more control of my ejaculations. I no longer experience the dreaded premature ejaculation. Plus, the added strength has allowed me to ejaculate much farther than ever before, and my urination stream is very strong - all indications of a very healthy penis.

I'm over 50 years old, will these programs work for me?

Yes! Age is not an issue. These programs are equally effective for men of all ages. Not long ago, I personally received an email from a gentlemen who was 72 years old and had been using one of the programs I mentioned. He was experiencing tremendous results and wrote to thank me for the recommendation. Plus, as I'll go over in the next question, there are many other benefits to these programs (besides developing a bigger penis) that are particularly beneficial for older men. The only suggestion I would make for anyone over the age of 50 would be to check with your doctor prior to beginning any penis enlargement program, because a bigger, thicker penis isn't as important as your health and well-being.

I'm having trouble maintaining a firm erection. Will these programs help?

Yes, they can help. But if getting or keeping an erection if difficult for you, then you might consider taking a really good erection enhancement pill like Increcia. It's all-natural and has no side effects like Viagra or Cialis. I use it on occasion and it works very well. Just take it 30 - 45 minutes before you anticipate needing an erection.

What other benefits (if any) do these penis enlargement programs offer?

That's a good question. As I mentioned above, not only will they allow you to achieve a longer, thicker penis, but these programs will also provide you with a much firmer erection than you ever had before. And through daily exercising of the p.c. muscles, these programs will also help to eliminate premature ejaculation. Personally, I've also found that these programs give me a lot more "staying power" in the bedroom, providing me with a lot more sexual stamina than I've had in years! And also, I've been fascinated at how far I am able to ejaculate now that I've been using these programs. Before beginning these programs, I could not ejaculate very far at all; however, since using these programs, it's as though I am firing off a cannon (as one lady friend described it)! I don't know if that's a benefit or not, but I thought you might like to know about it anyway. Many of these programs also claim to help correct curvature of the penis. This was never a concern for me so I can't tell you whether or not it works, but that is something they claim to be another benefit of these programs.

How long does it take to do these exercises?

I personally spend about 10 to 15 minutes every other day performing the exercises. That's really all you need. The exercises can be performed at any time of day. I just do them whenever it's convenient for me. Most programs tell you that you can even break up the workout into shorter sections throughout the day if you don't have a full 15 minutes to devote to it all at once.

Note: Personally, I have NOT found it necessary to perform the exercises for more than 15 minutes per day, even though many programs recommend up to an hour or more of exercise each day. Massive Member is one of the few programs that offers a very good 15 minute workout. To me, an hour seems way too long and I have achieved great results by exercising far less time each day. I would recommend that you experiment with different times based upon what works best for your schedule. Then, monitor your progress using the shortened routines. If you are able to achieve adequate results in less time then I see absolutely no reason to overdo it.

How are you able to exercise just 10 or 15 minutes per day and still get results?

Excellent question. If you are using a program which calls for more than 45 minutes of exercises per day, then you are not using a very good program. Like I said, most programs recommend an hour or more of exercise each day. If you are using a program that calls for this much time, then here's what I suggest:

Basically, I would recommend that you ignore the recommended number of repetitions. I would still perform all of the exercises exactly as they suggest (and in the order that they suggest); however, I would do much fewer repetitions. Instead of focusing on repetitions, you should focus on performing each exercise slowly and correctly. Try to make each repetition count. I lift weights, so I like to compare it with weightlifting. It's not the quantity or reps which matters necessarily, but rather the quality with which you perform each rep. If you rush through your routine, you're just cheating yourself and you are unlikely to see the results you desire. So the best advice I can offer is to focus on proper form and technique and ignore the repetitions. Not only will this save you a great deal of time, but it will yield far greater results for you.

Of course, if you don't want to guess at how long you should do each exercise, then you can always try the Massive Member program because their workout is only 15 minutes long.

Have you ever tried a penis pump? What do you think about them?

I get a lot of questions about pumps too for some reason. I can't believe so many people are actually interested in these things!

In any case, due to the number of questions I receive about pumps, I have created a separate page which talks about them in detail.

I think that this page is very important for anyone who is currently using a vacuum pump or is considering trying one.

Click here to read my page about penis pumps.

How about hanging weights? Have you ever tried them? Do you think they're safe?

No, I have never tried to hang a heavy weight from my penis and I never intend to either. Not only is it stupid (and painful) looking, but potentially dangerous as well.

So that I don't get sued by anyone, I can't go into more detail about safey and the effects a weight has on the penis, but common sense should tell you that it can't be good. But let me give you some more questions to ask yourself...

Penis Weights:
  • Do I really believe that hanging a 10 lb. weight from my penis is safe?
  • Is it true that using a hanging weight can cause my penis to become very thin and worm-like?
  • Could I permanently damage my penis from using a hanging weight?
  • Those weights look very painful! How much does it hurt? Is it worth it?
  • Are there any other methods which might be much safer and far more effective?
All of the questions above are simply food for thought. When you search for answers to these questions, I would recommend that you find an unbiased source. In my opinion, a web site which sells pumps or weights may not be the best place to turn for advice, given the potential for conflict of interest. Please use your common sense and best judgment when evaluating information of this nature. Don't be mislead by fancy-looking web sites, claims that seem way too good to be true, and pictures of men in nice, white coats who look like they could be doctors.

What if I am uncircumsized? Will these programs be as effective for me?

These programs will work the same for a circumcised man as they will for one with an intact foreskin. I have yet to find any information or receive any emails that tell me there is a difference in effectiveness. Plus, uncircumsized men even have a slight advantage. You see, the foreskin produces a natural lubricant that can actually be beneficial to some of the exercises, making it easier to do them without chafing or rubbing.

I've heard that these programs can help with curvature? Is this true?

While I have not had any experience with this first-hand (since my penis has always been straight), all of these programs do include several exercises which are specifically designed to combat curvature of the penis. All I can tell you is that I've already received two e-mails from guys telling me that these exercises did help them to straighten their penis. I don't know how severe their curvature was to begin with, but I would suspect that these programs can safely correct mild curvature.

I know that you tested a lot of different programs. How can you be sure which programs actually gave you the results?

Well, I'm not a scientist, but I did try to use a logical method for testing each program. Basically, I allowed one full month of testing for each program and I closely monitored any changes during that period. At the end of 1 month, I discontinued the program completely and waited 2 full weeks before beginning the next program. Before beginning the next program, I carefully measured myself again to see if any changes had occurred since ending the previous program. Only after doing all of this did I begin the next program. I wanted to ensure that the results from one program did not appear while beginning another program. To me, this seemed like the best way I could think of to test each program accurately and fairly.

I don't have any money. Can you give me the information for free?

Sorry, but I will not do that. The purpose of my web page is to help others learn the facts about penis enlargement so that they can make an informed buying decision. Giving away someone else's copyrighted information for free would be both dishonest and illegal, and it certainly wouldn't be fair to any of the companies which offer these fine programs either.

Well, that's it for now... please check back often for more information!

Please bookmark this page... and tell your friends!

I sincerely hope that my experiences have served to help you in some way. I know I'm not the best writer in the world so I'd really like to thank you for taking the time to read my web page.

I invite you to come back often to check for updates and new features. I'm testing new programs on a daily basis and will continue to post my findings on this web page. If you have any thoughts or comments regarding my experiences then I'd love to hear them. Feel free to send me an email by clicking here. If I could ever get any better at using HTML, I'd like to have a discussion board on here where everyone can post their own ideas and share information. Maybe some other stuff too. If you've got any ideas or suggestions about that, please let me know.

Thanks and best of luck!

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