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Every week I will post a new e-mail or update from someone who writes to me and shares his experiences about penis enlargement.

My intent is to give others a chance to share their unique experiences about enlargement with other guys in a private manner.

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Helpful Links for Men

Hi everyone!

I decided to create this link page in order to share with you all of the great information and other useful stuff that I've found while surfing around on the internet.

As you can imagine, I get a variety of emails. The majority of the emails I get are related to penis enlargement obviously, but occasionally I do get some emails from guys asking me about other things too. I honestly don't know how this started exactly, but it's been pretty interesting. It's a lot of fun helping others, plus it makes me feel good to know that some of you value my opinion enough to ask.

And while I admit that I'm not an expert on everything, I do try to help everyone I can to the best of my abilities.

If I don't know the answer to something I'm asked, I'll usually do some research to try and find the answers. That way, I can at least give someone an educated opinion that will hopefully be of use to them. I realize my advice may not be the complete answer to their problems, but I can often steer people in the right direction to get them started. This type of investigation and assistance has been a lot of fun for me, and it has lead me to discover some excellent resources for a variety of male-related topics.

And as I have told several of you in my emails before:

"I really want this page to be about more than just penis enlargement... I would like this web page to be a fun and informative resource for men of all ages. A place where men can go to ask questions, share resources and find the information they need."

So with that idea in mind, I created this link page. If you know of any sites that you believe are good resources for men, please feel free to email me and let me know about them. I'll definitely check them out; however, I cannot guarantee that your suggested site(s) will be posted here (Each site must have value and I must have permission from the site owners to link to it).

I realize that there aren't very many links here right now, but I will be adding more to this page daily so please check back often.

Thanks and enjoy,

The Best Male-Related Links on the Net
Organized by Category:

Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs   (learn more)
Massive Member
Giant Johnson
Penis Video

Penis Enlargement Extenders   (learn more)

Male Enhancement Pills   (learn more)

Premature Ejaculation Products   (learn more)
Orgasm Mastery

Pheromone / Attraction Products   (learn more)
Trust Enhancer

Ejaculation Volume Products   (learn more)
Better Ejaculation

Better Sex / Better Dating Sites   (learn more)
Advanced Seduction
Stud Secrets
Friend Finder
Adult Friend Finder
Gay Friend Finder (for gay men)
Out Personals (for gay men)

Erection Enhancement Products
Ultimate Cock Ring

HGH / Fitness Products   (learn more)

Height Enhancement Products
Adding Height

Anti-Depression Products

Health, Fitness and Nutrition Products
Free Weight Loss
Burn The Fat
Negative Calorie Diet
Detailed Physique

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